Blue Canary
Amelia Peach
Amelia Peach-A naïve, young redhead with long, curly hair, a cheery nature and a powerful imagination. Most mistake her for being a few crayons short a box. Truth is, she has all the crayons but doesn’t have the box. She's currently a freshman of undecided major at Any State University and resides in the co-ed dorm, Delta Burke Hall. First Appearance >>
Odile von Creepenstein
Odile von Creepenstein-Amelia's reluctant roommate. Odile is a slim, monochromatic student mage with a serious demeanor. The von Creepensteins immigrated to the States from Transylvania when she was about 4 or so. As a result, she grew up on ghost stories instead of fairy tales and vampire hunting was her favorite pastime at family reunions. She's often mistaken for a goth, with good reason. Her hobbies, besides erradicating the undead, include lurking and scowling. She's a freshman with a paranormal studies major. First Appearance >>


Ferdinand, the Blue Canary


Ferdinand-This renegade Bluebird of Happiness was Amelia's childhood "imaginary" friend and guardian against things that go bump in the night. He lived in her blue canary-shaped nightlight and would take her on adventures inside her dreams. Then one day, he vanished. Now, he's back, and this time he's corporeal, thanks to a misplaced intelligence spell by Odile. Ferdinand can be rude, crude and annoying, but would do anything to make Amelia happy. When the lights are off, Ferdinand glows in the dark. Usually a small canary, but can take on any avian shape and alter his size at will. The full extent of his abilities are unknown. First Appearance >>
Max Carter
Max Carter-Amelia's cousin and fellow freshman, Max is a archeology major and a part-time work study at the Dean B. Trellis Library on campus. His grandfather was a famous archeologist and Max plans to follow in his footsteps. He lives on in the same dorm as Amelia, just one floor down. You can tell it's his room by the smoke coming out the windows from his attempts to cook. First Appearance >>
Miles Tugogh-Max's nerdy roommate and best friend since Kindergarten. (He, Max and Amelia grew up in the same small town and went to the same high school.) Miles is a freshman computer science major and dreams of getting into the über-geek frat, Logarithm Pi. He has a weakness for old school video games and a cast iron stomach, which enables him to eat just about anything, except Max's cooking. First Appearance >>
Grandfather von Creepenstein

Grandfather von Creepenstein-Some people fear the skeletons in their closet; Odile is proud of hers. "Grandfather" is rather sensitive about the whole skeleton thing since it upsets people, so he lives in Odile's closet. He's teaching Odile advanced magic and the finer points of hunting the undead, since most American universities lack classes on those subjects. Von Creepenstein Family legend states that "Grandfather" may be far older than any would ever guess... First Appearance >>

no, that's no a Capri Sun she's drinking...
Ms. Edith Vrykolaka-an Undead horror stalks the corridors of Delta Burke Hall searching for blood! Relax, it's just Ms. Vry, the resident vampire Hall Director. True, she's an inhuman creature bent on sucking the living dry, but hey, no one else wanted the job. Organ music and the BeeGees are often heard emminating from her room. Her major pet peeve is students who break the rules and secretly keep pets in their room. First Appearance >>
Nikki the Fledgling- Say hello to Nikki! Be careful, she bites. Nikki became a vampire accidently, thinking she was joining a sorority while in a drunken stupor. She's the coven gopher, doing menial tasks and things the others don't want to dirty their claws with, but she hates being at the others beck and call, like a dog. Now, she tries to balance her monsterous urges for blood with finishing out her degree. She's thinking of petitioning the univeristy administration to start more night classes. Nikki is a sophomore marketing major. Very much a party girl. First Appearance >>

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