Odile von Creepenstein








155 lb.


White, pale


Gray (not with old age!)




Age: 19 | Birthday: October 31 (All Hollow’s Eve) | Astrological sign: Scorpio.


Stats: (10 is human max, 4 is human avg.)

Strength: 5
Toughness: 6
Stamina: 5
Agility: 6

Intelligence: 7
Will: 7
Resolve: 7
Perception: 8

Presence: 7.2
Charm: 2
Control: 6
Looks: 3
(normally would be a 6, but her monochromatic appearance & dark style throws people off.)

General Appearance:

A tall, slim girl with white, pale skin, and black eyes. There are dark circles under her eyes along with two black dots under the right eye. Her hair is gray and straight, with bangs and a lock of hair always falling over one shoulder or another. Usually dresses in shades of gray, black and white. Never any color on her, monochromatic. Dress is normally simple, a long black skirt, a gray shirt, gray and white striped stockings and black shoes/boots. Fancier garb includes outfits with a 19th century or medieval look to them.  There is a goth feel about the way she looks. Very aloof and spooky. Most avoid talking to her, or even looking at her, if at all possible.






??????????? von Creepenstein (deceased)


????????? von Creepenstein (deceased)

Other Kin:
Siblings: elder sister, Odette and younger sister, Otthild a.k.a. “Searcy” 
Aunts: Velvetine & Clotho
Uncle: Ludwig (married to Clotho)
various extended family members as yet undetermined…
and of course: Grandfather von Creepenstein

Current Vocation:

Student Vampire (& other Undead) Hunter, Student Mage, College Student (paranormal studies major)

Previous Vocations:

Baby, strange child, even stranger teenager, High School student


General: Magic, High school, Vampire Hunting, Werewolf Hunting, Zombie Eradication, Demon Banishing,

Combat: hand to hand, fencing, wizard dueling

Skills (10 is human max):

Skipping Classes: 3, Elementary Magic: 7.5, Advanced Magic: 4, Melee: 5, Hand to Hand: 5, Fencing: 7, Magic for Dueling: 5, Hunting Skills: Tracking: 6, Staking: 5, 


Magic lore: 5, Some paranormal lore: 6, Von Creepenstein Family history: 8, History of the Order up until their being exiled from House Custos: 6, History of House Custos, up to the exile: 8, Vampire hunting lore: 6, Languages: 7 (Latin: 6, German: 7, Hungarian: 2 (can’t speak it but can read a little of it,) Romanian: 6, Greek: 2 (again, can only read a little,) & English: 7.)


Magical abilities, caution, Knowledge of paranormal, protective of friends once she makes them, fencing abilities, hand-to-hand fighting abilities


Negative, cynical, untrusting of others, a bit arrogant towards normals, reclusive, secretive, slow to make friends or to trust others,



To become a skilled mage, To become a skilled Hunter, To lift the curse off the von Creepenstein family and get the Order to take them back while exposing the traitors of House Custos.

Why Current Vocation?

It’s in the family and in the blood. She also wants a college degree.


Wanting to help her grandfather. He is unable to die until the curse is either broken or all his children (descendents) die before him. Also, being born one of the “Cursebreakers,” she is expected to help break the curse on the family.

Moral Code:

House von Creepenstein evolved from the exiles of House Custos. They were the guardians of their order, who made sure magic was not misused for evil purposes, fought against the evils of diabolists and tried to help those without magic against the forces of the undead. As a result, all descendents of the exiles, including Odile, have a strong sense of Justice & Duty. All von Creepensteins will not hesitate to fix a wrong when it involves magic, the undead or both. However, Odile just isn’t the type to do things randomly, like a Chaotic.  Although she is not mean-spirited, random acts of kindness from her are rare. In D&D terms, she would be either Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral.


The supernatural, Magic, fencing, Breaking the family curse and Getting the order to accept the Exiles again, figuring out what all the relics that Max’s grandfather found can do,


Moonlit nights, lots of wind, cloudy days, thunderstorms, vampire hunting, family (mostly,) black cats, bats, rats, spiders, snakes, skeletons, magic, wizard dueling, fencing, long skirts, striped stockings, autumn, winter, the stars, family reunions, lurking in the shadows, Grandfather and learning from him, some ghosts, Max (but she won’t admit it,) Halloween, being able to kick butt,


Bright, hot sunny days, losing a duel, summer, pastel colors, vampires, werewolves gone bad, zombies, saving everyone’s butt when they don’t deserve it, blonde cheerleader types, sorority girls and frat boys, jocks, cafeteria food, roaches, some ghosts, traitorous House Custos Mages, The Necromancer, Rash Ember: Zombie Slayer!


Not breaking the family curse, being a failed mage, disappointing grandfather, Max’s cooking, Moth,


Her sisters, Amelia, Ferdinand, Miles, Nikki the Fledgling, Ms. Vrykolaka, Silas, family (mostly,) most werewolves,

Favorite Foods:

chicken noodle soup (surprise!), wassail, apples, stews, gummy worms,

Political Views:

Usually stays out of politics…


Believes God is there and exists, but more than that, I don’t know.

Obvious Persona: Facade

An aloof “Addams Family” reject, a goth,

Internal Issues:

Realizing that Amelia is the only real friend she has and Odile doesn’t like this fact at first. She must come to terms with it before she can accept it and truly be Amelia’s friend in return.


Discovers that she really likes Max, but doesn’t understand just why (note: this happens after the “old switcheroo” storyline.)


Major life Events (time-line):

Immigrating to the States, learning first spells, staking first vampire, Meeting Grandfather and learning from him, her time at St. Mythos Academy for Young Ladies (think elementary, middle & high schools,) Going to college and getting a roommate,

Detailed History:

As stated earlier, House Custos belongs to an order of mages. Custos fought against the misuse of magic for evil, banished demons, necromancers and diabolists and defended the weak and powerless against the onslaught of the Undead. But a group of mages inside the House lusted after power and in time became diabolists themselves. To protect themselves against the honest mages of their House, they decided to betray them and take control of Custos. These traitorous mages made a pact with the vampires of Transylvania, who have been hunted by the honest mages, and a powerful Necromancer, who also tired of the being hunted. In return, Custos would no longer trouble them and they could do as they pleased.

Together, the three laid a powerful curse on the honest mages of Custos. Now exiles, they were persecuted & hunted by those who they had trusted and those who they themselves had once hunted. Over time, the mages banded together in Transylvania and became a great family of magic users, the von Creepensteins. Through the years, the offspring of the mages marrying other mages began to be born with their “Heart of Magic,” already awake from the womb.

(note: no inbreeding! When the curse if first laid, none of the exiles are kin to another, but over time they married and their children sought brides & grooms who were mages sympathetic to their plight.)

Though hunted, the von Creepensteins still lived in a castle in their ancestral home of Transylvania, guarding the town of Hermannstadt a.k.a. Sibiu, against the evil of the undead. The townspeople did not love them, but were too grateful for the protection to betray them.

So it remained until the 20th century (?), when they finally had to flee their home, due to betrayal and the cruelty of the regime of C???, under which many Magyars (ethnic Hungarians,) Saxons (ethnic Germans,) Jews and Rroma (Gypsies) suffered terribly. Food was in short supply and all people starved. It was getting harder to find books to teach Hungarian or German.  C??? tried to get rid of the German and Jewish ethnic groups by selling exit visa to Israel and Germany. Having no choice, the castle was locked by spell & traps, and then hidden from view with great magic. Only those of the von Creepenstein bloodline could safely find it & enter. Only a handful of the family remained behind to be caretakers of the Castle as the rest went to Germany. Years later, after the revolution in 1989, only a handful of Saxons now remain in Transylvania.

After spending a year in the Rhineland, during which both of Odile’s parents were killed, the girls immigrate to the States.  Upon the death of their parents, The girls’ Aunt Clotho & Uncle Ludwig took them in. While growing up, Grandfather begins to tell them stories of the family’s history and of their mission to end the curse on the family. Aunt Velvetine spoils them by giving lavish gifts & showing them some magic tricks & hexes that Grandfather, Aunt Clotho & Uncle Ludwig would not be happy about them knowing.

Odile & her sisters attended a private school, St. Mythos Academy for Young Ladies. While in most respects it is a normal school, but for those who have the ability & parental permission, they teach the basics of magic. Here, Odile learned spells of levitation & transformation, spells to create balls of light & how to defend herself, both with & without magic. The sisters von Creepenstein were not always the most popular students but without a doubt they were the best the Academy had ever seen.

Upon graduation, Odile goes to college pursing a degree in paranormal studies. Grandfather accompanies her so as to advance her study in magic.

Her elder sister is in Chicago searching for traces of the Ancient Necromancer while Otthild is still attending St. Mythos.

Family legend has it that Grandfather von Creepenstein is far older than they could have imagined, that he was one of the original victims of the family curse, way back in medieval times. How and why he is still alive, if this is true, is a mystery.

Once a generation, three are born with the chance to break the curse. They are recognized by the 2 dots under their right eyes; one to symbolize the magic blood they risk to fight against evil mages and the undead, the other is for the tears the family has shed during their suffering under the curse. Up to now, every generation has failed to break the curse.


Now it is Odile & her sisters’ turn.


Basic dorm stuff (sheets, comforter, alarm clock, toiletries, etc.,) everyday clothes and shoes, textbooks, book bag, paper, pens, pencils, pen & nib set with India ink, a huge wooden book stand with a spell book, ghostcards and stamps for the mordum post service, wallet with money from Aunt Velvetine, 3.5 floppy disks, student id, key to dorm room, Long black cloak, Black coat, fencing equipment, various magical items to determined later, vampire hunting equipment (to be detailed later,)


Odile is basically the opposite of her roommate, Amelia.


Other Notes:

Odile and her family are not “Goths,” anymore than the Aadams Family…They were born and raised this way and it’s perfectly normal for them. Most Goths are people who were born normal and become goth, and this is not the case with the von Creepensteins. Also, they only wear colors like black and gray because of the weird effects of the family curse, which would turn clothes of any color into black or gray.

(Note: this does not mean that all who are from Transylvania are this way. Most are normal families. The von Creepensteins are the exception.)


Mages in this world have 2 names: their true names and the names everyone else uses. Like many folk tales, names have power and if someone has your true name, they can control you. Though Odile is the name on her birth certificate, I doubt we will ever find out her true name. Most likely, that name would reflect her Transylvanian/Saxon roots.


•She’s the only one who recognizes “Fred” as really being Ferdinand. She thinks it’s funny, especially since Ferd doesn’t like being in a human form.

What Odile thinks of the other characters:

Amelia: “Why Me? Why?!”

Ferdinand: “What did I do in a past life to deserve this?”

“Fred” (Ferdinand in human form): “Ha hahaha haha….”

Max: “No comment.”

Miles: “Someone needs to get a life. Maybe he can find a used one.”

Grandfather: “He’s the most intelligent person I know.”

Ms. Vrykolaka: “I’m still shocked that she was once Grandfather’s apprentice, but if she becomes troublesome I’ll have no choice but to stake her.”

Silas: “You know, not all werewolves are bad. Every now and then, you’ll meet a cool one. I just wish he wouldn’t leave a trail of flea powder everywhere.”

Nikki: “If she ticks me off, I’ll stake her.”

Moth: “I thought nothing scared me until I met her.”

Rash Ember: “If he tries one more pick up line on me, I’ll use that hedge trimmer of his and give him another appendage to replace with a lawn implement.”

Helen Pfender, Library Dean: “It’s a genuine surprise to find one of the House of the Learned at the University. I’m happy to know that the von Creepensteins have an ally on campus.

Cockroach Liberation Army: “Roaches. I hate roaches.”

Odette, her elder sister: “Oh. Little miss perfect. Let’s say I know how Jan Brady feels.”

Otthild, her younger sister: “Someone needs to get their act in gear and get serious or we’re never going to break this curse.”

Aunt Velvetine: “Why yes, Auntie, I could use a few extra bucks. How did you know?”

Aunt Clotho & Uncle Ludwig: “I love these two. How they put up with my sisters and me after Mom & Dad died, I’ll never know.”


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