Maxwell Jonah Carter








190 lb.


Lightly tanned


Short, black and curly




Age: 19 | Birthday: ????  | Astrological sign: ???????


Hometown is Mosquito Creek, AR (a town that is completely haunted.)

Stats: (10 is human max, 4 is human avg. 5 is physical avg. for males)

Strength: 6.5
Toughness: 7
Stamina: 6
Agility: 6

Intelligence: 6
Will: 6
Resolve: 7
(eats his own cooking!)
Perception: 6

Presence: 4
Charm: 6
Control: 3
Looks: 4.5
(6.5 when he looks rugged.)

General Appearance:

A clean cut, athletic young man usually wearing khakis and loud shirts. A likable guy who would do anything for you and you would gladly do a few favors for in return.






Henry James Carter


Mabel Laura Majors-Carter

Other Kin:
Sibling: younger sister, Alicia
Uncle & Aunt: George Marcus Peach & Louisa Ann Majors-Peach
Cousin: Amelia Peach
Grandmother: Nellie Rose Majors
Grandfathers: Ralph Norman “Fuzz” Majors & Dr. Jonah Carter (deceased)

Current Vocation:

College Student with an Archeology Major. Also, is a workstudy at the campus library.

Previous Vocations:

Baby, Kid, High School Student


General: high school. Starting college


Skills (10 is human max):

Seeing Ghosts: 5 (this is automatic for any native of Mosquito Creek,) Skipping Classes: 4, Driving: 4, Research: 4, Cooking: -2 (but he thinks it’s a 4,) Basic Sports (football, baseball, etc.): 5, Languages (English): 5


Mosquito Creek history: 4, Family History: 3, Basic High School Stuff: 4, Tales of Dr. Carter’s adventures: 6, Library Card Catalog: 5,


Athletic, likeable, charming,


Can’t cook to save his life, has bad habit of saying wrong thing at wrong time when on the phone,




To graduate college, to continue in studying archeology & maybe getting a doctorate in it, finding out what the relics from his grandfather Jonah are & what they do, to find more relics & protect them,

Why Current Vocation?

Admires his famous archeologist grandfather & wants to be an archeologist, too. The workstudy job is to help pay tuition & is good for research on the relics.


Moral Code:


Cooking, Archeology, Intermural Sports (library workstudies have a team),


Cooking for others, driving his Camaro, Loud Hawaiian type shirts, researching for info on the “relics”, old Dr. Jonah, The Dean of the Library, teasing Amelia, Playing jokes on his sister,


Spaghetti, tomatoes, acting as a chauffeur to friends & acquaintances who can’t drive, when people complain about his cooking, when his sister plays a joke on him, roaches,


Favorite Foods:

Anything spicy, Canadian bacon pizza, ethnic foods (ex. Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, etc.,)

Political Views:

Not concerned with politics at this time.


Undetermined Christian

Obvious Persona: Facade

A “guy-next-door,” clean-cut type of guy.

Internal Issues:

Should he report the items that his grandfather found or should he follow his gut feeling and keep them secret?


Major life Events (time-line):

First day of school & making friends with Miles, he & Miles teasing little Amelia about her “imaginary friend,” visits with Dr. Carter, Granny trying to teach him to cook, making the athletic teams in high school, getting driver’s license, funeral of Dr. Carter, getting the 2 bags his grandfather left him, graduating high school, going to college, getting a car,

Detailed History:


2 duffel bags given to him by his late grandfather, Dr. Jonah Carter: One is a faded, beat-up red leather bag c. 1918, with old buckles & latches, the other is a dust-covered green canvas with a sneaker company logo on the side. Neither bag looks like something anyone would want to steal. Inside are several “relics & treasures” that Dr. Carter “plundered” from various site all over the globe but never reported. Most of these items will be determined later. For now, we know of a bracelet with a mysterious stone set in silver & matching amulet strung on a fine gold chain.

Also: Basic dorm stuff (sheets, comforter, alarm clock, toiletries, etc.,) everyday clothes and shoes, textbooks, backpack, paper, pencils & pens, two 3.5 floppy disks for school computers, textbooks, library workstudy badge, wallet with student i.d., driver’s license & a little bit of money, key to dorm room, a beat-up gray 1971 Chevy Camaro SS, various loud Hawaiian shirts, several t-shirts & khaki pants, sneakers, an illegal (for the dorm, anyway,) hotplate, a frying pan, a 2 qt. Saucepan, various other cooking supplies & spices, an apron that reads “stud king,” a cookbook, mini fridge, old tv, VCR & tapes, cd player & cds,


•No matter how burnt, scorched or inedible his cooking turns out, Max still persists in the thought that he can cook.

•Doesn’t know that “Fred” is Ferdinand in human form.

Other Notes:

•Feels as compelled as his grandfather did to find certain forgotten places & take the “treasures” from them for safe keeping. Considers himself a guardian of the “relics” as his grandfather did.


•Max is in constant sibling rivalry war with his sister, Alicia. They are constantly playing practical jokes and such to get back at each other. It’s unclear how this “war” started. Their mother is aware of this battle but her efforts to put a stop to it are always thwarted.


•Max isn’t one of those guys who go nuts over cars, but he sure loves this one. Sure, it’s beat up, gets lousy gas mileage and he’s constantly under the hood fixing something, but c’mon! ’71 was the last year of the super sport! He can rattle of every stat for this model of Camaro.

What Max thinks about the other characters:

Odile: “I try not to think about Odile. It keeps me from having nightmares.”

Amelia: “She’s a sweet girl, but I wonder when she’s ever gonna grow up.”

Ferdinand: “Sometimes he’s scary, mostly he’s annoying.”

Miles: “Dude, I’m your best bud. Got your back, but we gotta get you away from that Playstation and get you a chick.”

Alicia, his sister: “I’m gonna get her back for that whipped cream & Preparation-H stunt she pulled on me last summer!”

Ms. Vry: “So our hall director sucks blood. I thought all people who worked for the University did that eventually.”

Grandfather von Creepenstein:

Silas: “He’s an ok guy.”

Nikki: “If she touches me again, I’m gonna stake her.”

Moth: “And I thought Odile was strange…”

“Fred,” (Ferdinand in human form): “Not a bad guy. Weird hair, though.”

Cockroach Liberation Army: “Where’s the Raid?”

Rash Ember: “Just keep him from teaching Miles how to pick up chicks & we’ll be alright.”

Helen Pfender, Library Dean: “She’s pretty cool for an old lady.”



Grandmother Majors: “Sure, Granny, I’d love to stay for dinner! Can I have the recipe?”

Grandfather Majors:

Grandfather Carter: “I miss that old cuss. No one told dirty jokes quite like him.”

Aunt Louisa & Uncle George:


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