Amelia Elaine Peach






Between 5’5” & 5’6”


130 lb.


Fair-skinned - like most redheads, she burns very easily.


Reddish orange and curly


Black (no, not dark brown, black!)


Age: 18 | Birthday:????? | Astrological sign: ?????


Hometown is Mosquito Creek, AR (a town that is completely haunted! Lots o’ ghosts!)

Stats: (10 is human max, 4 is human avg.)

Strength: 4
Toughness: 4
(but has hidden reserve up to a 6)
Stamina: 4
Agility: 4

Intelligence: 4.5
Will: 5
Resolve: 6
Perception: 2
, very oblivious

Presence: 4
Charm:  6
Control: 4
Looks: 6

General Appearance:

A young redhead with long, curly hair. A naďve girl with a cheery nature. Most mistake her for being a few crayons short a box. Truth is, she has all the crayons but doesn’t have the box. Usually wears khakis and jeans (or maybe an occasional skirt,) various types of shirts and sneakers. very cute.






George Marcus Peach


Louisa Ann Majors-Peach

Other Kin:
Uncle & Aunt: Henry James Carter & Mabel Laura Majors-Carter
Cousins: Max Carter, Alicia Carter
Grandmothers: Yuple Mae Peach & Nellie Rose Majors
Grandfather: Ralph Norman “Fuzz” Majors

Current Vocation:

College Student of undecided major, leaning towards photojournalism, maybe?

Previous Vocations:

Baby, Kid, High School Student


General: high school. Starting college

Combat: none that she can’t imagine-though she may develop some as comic progresses.

Skills (10 is human max):

Puppy Dog Eyes: 9, Pouting: 8, Photography: 5, Skipping Classes: 1, Writing: 5, Studying: 4 Daydreaming: 9, Imagination: 10, Whining: 7, Seeing Ghosts: 5 (this is automatic for any native of Mosquito Creek,) 


Basic vampire hunting: 2, Ferdinand’s history: 2, Photography basics: 4, Mosquito Creek history: 4, Family History: 3, Basic High School Stuff: 4,


Powerful Imagination, Friendship with Ferdinand, Optimistic Outlook,


Naďve, Too Trusting of Strangers, Worldly Inexperience, Oblivious to things or people around her, Spending too much time with head in clouds,




To graduate college, to continue her friendship & adventures with Ferdinand, to make friends with Odile,

Why Current Vocation?

She wants a degree but not for sure in what, mostly doing it for something to do.


Still trying to discover it, but with powerful imagination like hers, watch out when she does decide was she wants to do!

Moral Code:

Strong sense of right and wrong, always leans toward what she believes is right. She’s the type who mourns over every poor animal on the side of the road that got killed, (even ones she doesn’t like, such as snakes.)  In D&D terms, she’s either Lawful or Chaotic Good.


Photography, Writing, reading Fairy Tales or any story with happy endings, her roommate, Odile and her life, school,


Sleeping in, Ferdinand, her cousin, Max, Literature classes, Journalism courses, reading the Herald, listening to music, going to county fairs, writing, reading, nice long walks, warm clothes right from the dryer during winter, sunny days, playing with the ghost children at home, cats, dogs, jumping in piles of leaves in autumn, making snow angels in winter, windy days for kite flying in the spring, swimming in summer, fuzzy sweaters, her roommate, Odile, and the colors green, blue and pink.


Wet clothes, Being Teased, Being kept awake when she wants to sleep, Waking up really early, Math classes, most veggies, Not being believed when she tells people about Ferdinand, being cold, spiders, bats, rats, the color brown, being sun burnt, being sick, the dark, her cousin, Alicia,


Twin Terrors (a nickname for the dorm, Seminole Twin Towers,) Vampires (the mean, nasty ones,) Zombies, Werewolves (the mean, nasty ones,) losing Ferdinand again, Max’s cooking,

Favorite Foods:

Fried bananas, cheese pizza, Sugar Sugar Bombs cereal, gyoza dumplings (potstickers), chocolate or anything sweet.

Political Views:

Not concerned with politics


Undetermined Christian

Obvious Persona: Facade

A cute bubbly ditz, a childlike innocent,

Internal Issues:

Her father wants her to be a nursing major, where the money is, but Amelia doesn’t want to do that. However, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do. She’s searching for who she is. All her life, she’s done as she’s told, but now she learning to make her own decisions. The dilemma will be when will she finally accepts this and makes her own path.


Major life Events (time-line):

Meeting Ferdinand, Adventures with Ferdinand, Ferdinand Disappearing, isolation during school after that, graduating high school, Going to college and getting a roommate, Ferdinand’s return, Vampire hunting

Detailed History:



a nightlight shaped like a blue canary (former possession, is now Ferdinand,) basic dorm room stuff (sheets, comforter, old tv, clock radio, toiletries, etc.,) backpack, textbooks, camera and film, wallet with money from home, pens, pencils, paper, 3.5 floppy disks, Kitty-cat hat, striped scarf, coat, basic everyday clothes and shoes, student id, key to dorm room, library book (I’m Ok, You’re Undead,) The Book of all Tales, Various books of Fairy Tales and children’s stories,


•Amelia is completely opposite in personality compared to her roommate, Odile.


•Doesn’t know that “Fred” is Ferdinand’s human form. Doesn’t know that Ferdinand can turn human.

Other Notes:

•Amelia does not have a driver’s license and cannot drive a car. Yet.


What Amelia thinks about the other characters:

Ferdinand: “He’s my very bestest friend and I’m glad that he came back!”

Odile: “Oh, she and I’ll be best friends, just you wait and see! She’s already teaching me to hunt vampires.”

Max: “I like it when he give me rides in his car!”

Miles: “Miles, can you help me with this assignment from my algebra class?”

Alicia: “I don’t want to talk about her.”

Ms. Vry: “She’s all bark and no bite. Makes good gingersnaps, though.”

Grandfather von Creepenstein: “He’s a little creepy, ya know, being a skeleton and all? But I’m sure he’s not all that bad.”

Silas: “What about him? He’s an R.A. and just sits at the front desk.”



“Fred,” (Ferdinand in human form): “He’s such a nice guy! And his hair matches Ferdinand’s feathers! Cool, huh?”

Cockroach Liberation Army:

Rash Ember: “Tired? No I’m not tired. But how could I be running though your head all day? Isn’t it a little too small to run in? Isn’t that impossible? I mean you’d either have to be a giant or shrink me down to microsc- hey! Where ya going?”


Dad: “I love Daddy, but I wish he wouldn’t push so hard for me to be a nursing major. What if I don’t want to be a nurse? Does he ever think of that?”

Grandmother Majors: “She’s the best cook in 3 counties and the sweetest, too! Even if she did try to teach Max to cook.”

Grandmother Peach: “She cranky, but since she’s in poor health & hurts all the time, I guess you can’t blame her.”


Aunt Mabel:

Uncle Henry:


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Blue Canary, Amelia Peach & all relating characters, unless otherwise stated, are © 2004 Kathryn White.

These character sheets are not meant for use in any RPG game, nor were they created from any RPG system. This is just a literal translation of the character with stats, knowledge & skills being listed on a scale of 1-10. The character sheets were originally created for my reference, but I show them here for those who are curious about the character. You may base a character on one of mine or use the first name, but only with my permission. If you use the first name, then the character must be completely different from mine, both personality and appearance-wise.