About the Artist...

Cartoonist Kathryn White is regarded as a strange individual. She resides in Weiner, Arkansas (yes, that is the town's real name.) She went through her childhood and adolescence attending Weiner Elementary and High Schools, where she graduated in 1995.

At an early age, her parents noticed her passion for drawing, particularly on walls. Later, she drew on paper and in a moment of shear creativity hung her picture on the wall with a combo of strawberry pie filling and old lipstick when they had run out of tape (she was around 4 or 5 at the time). To this day, her mother declares that it hung there for two years before it fell down of it's own accord.

Kathryn currently attends Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and is a senior pursuing a BFA in graphic design and is a member of the college paper, The Herald, where she is the staff cartoonist and has been a photographer in the past.

Her first attempt at a comic, Mosquito Creek, is on hiatus until she can decide what she wants to do with it. Blue Canary is her first success (that is the editors actually laugh when they read the comic). 

But right now all she wants is a degree and peace on earth...whichever comes first.

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