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Wednesday, January 31, 2001

comic done! woo hoo. now i need to think of ideas for the next one! just when you get a project finished, ya have to start all over again.

i was having blog troubles yesterday. it would not let me post for nuthin. i guess the blogger people are still working with that new server.

there was a meeting about florence. for the first time, i am confident that i will go. 8^)
we chose classes. from the ASU professors, i will be taking drawing. From the lorenzo de medici, intro to jewelry making (hopefully.)
also, roomate preferences were made. i didn't get to meet mine(she had to be at the basketball game. she's on the dance team,) but i met her mom and she seems nice. i couldn't think of who i'd want to room with, so i just let it go until now and had alyson (art art history profeesor and one of the faculty going to florence) suggest someone for me to room with.
it looks like a great summer. one thing though, the appartments we'll be staying in have no air conditioning. 8^/ hmmm. guess i need to learn how to adjust to that.

the graphic design lab computers finally have adobe golive! yea! i can really design a site for this now!

Tuesday, January 30, 2001
at work-taking a break from inking the comic. i also have my visual thinking project to finish, and i need to finishing my reading for my web class. wow. lots of work to do! i'll finish inking and scan it in.
but first dinner-pizza!

Monday, January 29, 2001
well i managed to change some color on the page-very subtle tho.
hmmm. still needs work. ug.
things are good tho with a warm, friendly and purring cat on your lap. helps you to forget cares in that chant-like purr.

me again.

doing research. a project for visual thinking, a class about creative process and lateral thinking.
i have to brain storm on topics like censorship. ug. my mind doesn't want to think. but i need to work.

i'd rather be working on my comic. i have most of the first panel penciled.

trying to think where i could research censorship-something i am dead against.
guess i'll check out the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. they may have more info.

yuk. it's raining.
rain rain go away
come again some other day.
however i got fan mail! thanks andrew.
it made my day a little better so far.

Sunday, January 28, 2001
ug. today is so slow. i'm bored, tired and listless yet there is nothing i want to do. i hate that.
i need to start penciling my comic. i won't have time otherwise this week. procrastination.

i also have to work on this site, the sapient dreams site, and my comic's site! so much to do.
think positive, girl you can do this.
the next few comics may not be too funny i'm afraid. but i'm working on it!
i hate it when things get so negative and overwhelming.
guess things'll be better tomorrow. new day, fresh perspective. sleep will fix all things.

Saturday, January 27, 2001
hmm. second day. back on my own 'puter at home. good to be back amoung my own things.
waiting for my man to show up. should be anytime now. 8^)

looked through my mail that has been awaiting me this week. my passport's in! yea!
i'm trying to go to florence. my university has made a deal with the lorenzo de medeci center there and is offering classes abroad this summer. i just had to try and go. i may not get another chance like this for awhile.
hmmm. speaking of classes, perhaps should get caught up in that web class i'm taking.

still working on page design. bear with me, folks. i'm trying to find a place to upload stuff to. i'm prolly gonna hafta to to some place like tripod. ug.

gotta work on a comic for this coming friday. if i do it this weekend, then i don't have to put aside school work to finish it during the week. plus the herald staff wants it in their office by tuesday or wednesday so they will have it when they do the page layouts.
wanna see yesterday's comic? go here: The Herald Online. then goto the "opinions" section. there should be a link to the comic on that site(but you'll only see it on the friday edition. if it's not there, then you're looking at a tuesday paper. come back on friday.)

Friday, January 26, 2001
woah-first log in! *lol*
ok. this site will change looks eventually. graphic design major. gotta love it.
it may be awhile before i can do that. lots of work to do for classes and my comic, Blue Canary.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i get to see my man! 8^)
i'll work on site design when i can.
i wonder if i can load sketches too. that would be spiffy!